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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Summary....

Kim and I have been contemplating our next move...I'm thinking if she gets a few animals and I grab some, we should be able to find a make-shift Ark to float away on because if the rain doesn't stop soon....we'll be looking for higher ground.

It wasn't many weeks ago that the local news corp was preaching that it might take YEARS for Lake Lanier to fill up because of the EPIC drought we were in. Uh....yeah, about the drought....its sort of over and to think some folks were flipping out that the State declared the drought over not too long ago. If it wasn't is now.

Now, tie this together with my bike ride on Saturday and you have a total wash out from word go. It rained on the way to the ride, it stopped ever so briefly right at the beginning of the ride, and then it started around mile 4. Not just a light rain....a mist or, a downpour. It did that until one of the rest stops and then it started right back at the decision point to ride 48 or just skimp and ride 31 miles.

The decision point is the big pic and the small one on the right.....uh......torrential DOWN POUR. So I chilled for a bit and talked to a couple other riders and then it just hit it. Go ahead, you're wet already - how much worse can it get? So I took the 48 mile path and fortunately it didn't get too much worse but all in all it was a super wet ride. I started to hit the wall again around mile 34-ish....because I hadn't really stocked up on food but a rest stop saved me and I ended up peddling right at 50 miles (because of some rest stop detours) and kept a pace around 14.8 miles per hour which I thought was pretty respectable. What I did learn is that I am slow, I have the wrong equipment, I have very little stamina, and girls were CRUISING past me keeping up with amazingly fast guys and I was just blown away. Not that I don't think ladies can hang but I was just impressed all to hell with some of these women. They were super fast and none of the A/B riders even looked winded in the late miles. Amazing.

So I've got a goal to work toward.....

Now, to family matters. Reese dressed in appropriate attire for a young lady on Saturday's in the south by wearing her new UGA outfit - supplied by the very soul that tarnished the family with a Tennessee outfit. You have indeed made amends for the travesty and can now be invited to our home for a future game yet to be decided. Prior to the love offering, it was going to be dicey. (I'm so just kidding....thanks again Robin for both outfits :D)

The Dawgs pretty well decided that defense was simply unnecessary in Arkansas so they showed up with offense...thank goodness. The UT / FL debacle took place Saturday as well and I was impressed with the showing that UT made against the Army of God....hmph..sorry....Tim Tebow's team. But Reese told me that she didn't see much to cheer about so she took a nap.

Sunday has been another wash out. Just a complete mess. In some ways I'm actually looking forward to the work week because there is a chance that we'll have a day with no rain later on in the week. And another milestone happens this week. Reese turns six months old! I don't know that you throw a party for a 6 month old but what stinks is that I'll miss most of the day with her. I suppose that Reese will be fine without me that day but it's just an amazing thing that she is 6 months old now. The time is just flying by and there is no real way to slow it down.

In any case, we hope its a good week for everyone and that it stops raining at some point!

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