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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lots to cover...

Day two of the labor day weekend (Kim and I were off on Friday....oh so nice) was a little yard work, a little house work, a little college football, a little bit of the tile guy coming to tear out tile, and a dash of a retirement party for Nan back in the Hoon....It was such a big day that Pooka was completely done tonight. She never....I mean NEVER falls asleep on your shoulder but tonight, she was gone on Kim right after her bottle. It was so cute.

Pics from today....

Yes...Reese changed outfits but our little oven was burning up in denim so back to a onesie we went. I would do pic comments but suffice it so say both Papa (my dad) and PawPaw (Kim's dad) are eat up with fear...Papa is holding Reese on PawPaw's back so she's not just hanging out up there. Maybe I can use another sentence loaded with P/P names later on just for fun but I felt like explanations were required.

In a bit of sad news Dawgs lost.

On top of wife broke the Cardinal rule for daughters of UGA fans. She dressed her up in an outfit that someone gave us. I know this someone through Kim's work and while they will remain un-named for now, the travesty that has befallen the house in the interest of taking a picture is simply awful. See below....

Oh sure...Kim made this "cute" little note for the event and made a haha out of it but you can see the pure disgust on Reese's face. In fact, she poopied twice while wearing the outfit and I almost saw to it that caca was inexplicably smeared all over the outfit making it only worthy for picking up doggie poo.

But I didn't. That would have been a little too much.....I'm a nice young man.

I hope our friend in Chattanooga, TN is pleased with herself. Poor little girl was in a foul mood all day after that. At least she isn't really looking at the camera so we could always deny that this is Reese....that might be the best tactic here.

This had better not show up at her UGA graduation party!

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