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Friday, September 4, 2009


In more ways than one...I made it 44.2 miles today and I'm completely blitzed. My legs ache and my back does too. (oddly enough) Ryan tried to ride and made it 5.7 miles one way and decided to turn around for a total of around 11 to 12 miles. I can't say that I blame him though, the bike he was on was not all that great for road riding.

The route passed over Hwy 53 near my parents house twice...I was literally riding on the old road into our neighborhood that we lived in (two houses ago) and just knowing how far I had to go was killing me....and the lack of Gatorade. Anyway, I'm wondering if I can hack that again so we'll see on the 19th what I decide to do. At least they will have rest areas then so the ride may take longer but I'll have some chow and drink.....yeah!

I'll post a pic later for keepsakes (for me) to highlight my longest ride to date. Dang, I'm tired.

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