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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New schedule....

We're trying something new right now...Nope, no new food or a new outfit or anything like that but a new schedule. We're so hoping this doesn't back fire.

Reese just seems so sleepy in the mornings and the thought process is that she isn't quite getting the sleep that she needs. Naps are a little less frequent and the "quality" of the nap is sort of on the low side. So we thought this out....just let her sleep until we have to wake her and send her off with a full belly to Krissy's. She'll essentially sleep - uninterrupted - for an additional hour and change. All total the only gain is around 30 minutes in the morning but in the evenings, because of the later bottle to start the day, she really gets to go to bed about an hour sooner. Meaning this schedule is netting her an additional hour or two of sleep every day.

Now...all of this costs something. A full bottle. Again, there is hope that the Dr. will allow additional rice feedings or maybe baby food feedings can start and these will sort of keep her fire stoked in terms of chow and maybe the "lost" bottle will not be missed.

Good Lord....feeding a baby is like figuring an algebraic equation right now.

On an entirely different note, the flood waters have receded and I was actually able to mow the yard today and I noticed a rampant amount of fungal activity in the yard. Dollar spot, fairy ring, leaf spot, etc.....I'm certainly not complaining because many families are dealing with true life disasters so my yard is nothing more than an observance and not in any way a notable issue. It was just nice to see the sun and mow again. Here's to hoping that the sun brings brighter days to those affected by the flooding.

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