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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


There are several things that have been "bloggable" of late and I'm just going to cram everything into a BIG 'OL post....or until I get tired of typing. So here goes.

Personal acquaintances know that I've been riding my bike on a pretty regular basis and I'm getting about one ride in during the week in the 7 to 10 mile range and then hitting a ride of about 18 to 24 miles on the weekend. I need to be riding more miles in order to shed some tonnage but bath night kills every other night and then yard work or something else might complicate getting two rides in during the week....anyway....I sent in paperwork for the Beautiful Backroads Century ride starting in Cartersville at the Budweiser plant and I'm opting for the 44 mile ride. You can chose 15, 27, 44, 65, or 101 miles and I'm picking the closet thing to half - the interesting thing about this is that the most I've ever ridden in one day was 34 miles and I was dead after that. So, this Friday Kim and I are both off and I'm going to attempt the ride just to see if I can do it and to make sure I don't look like a moron turning left when I need to turn right and that kind of thing. I'm trying to be confident but this is a tall task for a rookie so I'm just hoping to be able to walk Saturday.

Reese thinks I'm crazy.....

Next, we're planning on a bathroom remodel that is on the verge of being a MUST do versus a WANT to do. Our tile shower is cracked along grout lines all over the place and we're opting for a professional to do the shower and tub surround....because it would look stupid to do the shower and not the tub surround since they touch. But then so does the floor.....well, in the interest of saving money, I'm going to replace the floor, then the 2ft vanity and by default, the gigantic mirrored above the I'll be taking off some time to work around the house in September or October for Project-a-thon!!!!
DAAAAD!!! I said no flash!

this Saturday is big for two different items....1st, football kicks off with UGA visiting Oklahoma State. This is no cake walk and I am a normally blind supporter of UGA football thinking that every year is the year that we make it to the top of the SEC and BCS battle....but this year may be a rebuilding year so I'm not holding my breath....and 2nd, (but certainly first in our hearts) its Nana's retirement party. I didn't really mean to skip the fact that Nana retired from City Hall back in July but it just sort of got mixed into the background and I forgot the post about it....same thing with Nana's birthday which was right around the same time and so was Kim's b-day and it all mixed in with no meaningful posts about Nana....well Saturday is her day and there will be pics and family and eats and a sore Adam wandering around so Happy retirement, birthday, sorry its late on the

These two are smiling because they don't have to work any more like the rest of us poor slobs.

Lastly....a Reese update. She is such a trip. Reese is becoming such a little person and she is exploring her surroundings all the time. She reaches and grabs and rakes toys off the kitchen counter. She drops toys almost with the understanding that we'll get them for her....can she already understand that? She says "mmmmuuuumma" ALL THE FREAKING TIME NOW and Kim is just eating it up. Reese doesn't realize that she's saying Mumma...she's not really asking for she? I don't even know that she's really repeating us becuase I don't know that we say Mumma all that much........but what is pretty cool is that its a word whether its meant to be or not. not a word. Neither is mmmmmmmmmmphhh mmmmmeeeeemmmmmmmmmpppttttt. But Mumma....that has meaning so congrats to Kimmy for getting Mumma first. She loves her Mumma and that's ok with me.

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