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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Toe' up from the flo' up.....

For those that don't speak the tongue....that says "Tore up from the floor up", which is the world that we have been living in - well, in terms of our master bath at least. When we moved into this house, we immediately recognized the long vanity in the master bath as something from Munchkin Land. Only little people would be suited to use the sinks and the tile was a mix of new, old, cracked, and ugly. Needless to say, the bath didn't seal the deal - but it is big and that made it tolerable. With that in mind, we decided to finally do something about the situation a couple weeks ago and hired a pro to re-do the shower and the tub surround. I'll attempt to handle the floor and vanity replacement along with the gigantic mirror above the sinks.....See before, during, and almost done (phase I anyway)

The grout lines are cracked badly in the floor of the shower, the tile line is less than head high in the shower as well, there is a tacky step into the tub which is dangerous at best and useless at worst, and then that brown paint....ugh.

Step gone, mold cleaned up, subfloor was surprisingly ok...thank you Lord.

Backer board applied, pan set, sealed for moisture, taped and ready for tile.

Tile surrounding the tube and working up the shower....

Getting higher...And almost done.

I'll save a complete pic until the entire room is done but you get the idea. This is SOOOO much better than where we were. I imagine that another month will do it.....yeah, pause for a minute and absorb that. I'm taking time off to do the floors and the vanity will not be here for another three weeks. We'll be able to use the shower on Wednesday but my intent is to start pull tile from the floor ever so slowly over the next few days. We'll see if I'm handy at all.

Quick update on other things, Papa and Gramma came down for the first time since Mom's second knee surgery and they enjoyed a little time with Reese today. She was in a really good mood and just her happy normal self. We've truly been blessed with a great little girl and we're just so happy to be her parents. Nothing major outside of the bath remodel....we'll update later in the week.

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jill said...

loving the new bathroom!!!! can't wait to see it finished!