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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4 Month stats...

So today was another dreaded appointment with the shot specialist....aka the Pediatrician.

This visit really couldn't have come at a better time because Reese has been showing signs of a slight skin rash on her chest and stomach so we've both been a little concerned but unsure of what it was or the level of concern that we should show. We both know that little ones can exhibit signs of Eczema but I'm super sensitive to the issue since I have skin issues of my own and I don't want her to have to live with what I've had to most of my life....its not the most horrible thing in the world but on a scale of "Hey, can I hand pick a malady to live with..." I wouldn't put it at the top of the list.

Anyway... the Dr. seemed to think it might be a small case of Eczema and maybe a little heat rash-ish. (a technical term to be sure.) We also found out that Reese now weighs 19lbs. (she has doubled her birth weight and then some) and measures 27 inches long or tall...however you choose to look at that.

We got the all clear to experiment with Rice cereal for one feeding per day for a week and then step into twice per day after that. We're both really excited about that because that will lead to less bottles to wash...............naw, that's not the only reason. It's pretty cool that she's graduating a little here but less bottles in the long run isn't a bad thing. But I mean its not the only reason we're happy.....God, I hate washing bottles.....Thank you Jesus this will be going away one day.....I mean its probably only one less bottle per day and a messier feeding time.....Glory Be and let's kill a fatted calf!!!!!!....So it's really not a big big deal but an exciting time for our family nonetheless.

I will have to say that a visit to our Ped (Dr.) is like getting lost in a maze. No one comes looking for you and you sort of sit just waiting for someone to come by and check on you. We were there for at least an hour and a half. I'm glad they don't charge rent because I felt like the closet they put us in for a room would have run a pretty steep penny. At least the nurse that administered the shots was excellent. She had four shots in Reese's legs in no time and while Reese didn't enjoy the process, she was through with it before we got her stuff together to leave. She's such a trooper like that.

We did ask about Reese's weight/height to age and the Dr. told us that she is above 95% for her age but she is proportioned well and is growing in both directions which is a good thing. There was another little girl there that was born on the same day as Reese and she looked VASTLY different than our little one. If that kid weighed 10lbs I would be surprised and her little head still seemed wobbly. Yeah...Reese is pretty well past the bobble head syndrome and probably has a good 6 to 8 pounds on that little girl.

Well...that's the latest. We're glad the shots are over for another two months and squirt is upstairs getting her sleep on right now so we're out.

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Nana said...

You are a sweetheart Reese..I enoyed watching you so daddy could take mommy out for her birthday dinner last Friday. You guys have been so blessed to have such a terrific little girl.May she always be the "apple of your eye"!!
Love Nana