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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday pics

So here in the northern suburbs of's storming. So this is going to be a short and sweet post because I've got some other little projects to cover tonight as well.

Update...Kim's mom definitely has a kidney stone but she's at home doped up on pain meds. I think she is going to have to pass it with out the benefit of a "busty the kidney stone" thingy so say a prayer. Also, my mom is going to have her knee surgery re-done. The guy that did it this January did a hatchet job and never really offered her any relief other than saying it would just get better so the Grandmothers are a little under the weather right now.

AKR (Adam, Kim, Reese) went to the Canton Olive Garden tonight and it reaffirmed my dislike of chain Italian food other than Carrabba's. Nothing really compares to Ipillito's in my opinion but Carrabba's absolutely wears out the Olive....the place is set up like a Shoney's on the inside....anyway. The chow was ok and it satisfied the craving but we'll head to our standbys next time.

Reese did awesome during dinner and while Mommy and Daddy shopped in Target. We headed back to the homestead and now little bit is on the jungle mat grabbing everything she can. The weekend has been a good one and I'm ready for the next one.

Three pics are from this afternoon and the other one is a regular weekday morning...Reese chills while Mommy and Daddy get ready.

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