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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Break out baby....

Finally, we're seeing signs of our little bit becoming less and less of a swaddle baby.

I don't really know why this has weighed on us (me) so much but it has been an absolute must since she came home from the hospital. It obviously puts her in her happy place because she could go from full on sleepy baby in mere minutes of having entered the solitude and bliss of a tight swaddle.

So for the last week or so we'll put Reese in the crib after the last feeding, come back downstairs and turn on the monitor to listen in. We started hearing this grunting not too long ago and we were beginning to think that she was frustrated or not sleepy and just sort of "grunty". Turns out that she was busy breaking out...of the swaddle.

It's been happening so regular that we've started easing her arms out of the swaddle one at a time and then completely out of the swaddle. Once she breaks out...she's fine and when we've left her arms out, she's kind of confused because she doesn't have anything to break out of. It seems like we MIGHT be rounding a corner on this swaddle thing and we're pretty happy about it. The main reason is that she can start to fall asleep in a variety of settings without needing this "crutch".

Outside of the swaddle bandit - we've been spitting up a little more lately. Nothing major but just random gunk rolling down her chin. Erp...Sometimes it looks like thin milk. Other times it looks like pureed cream corn......mmmmmmm! Either way I'm already done with it. The cream corn variety smells pretty rank but the runny milk is tolerable. Not than I'm licking my fingers after cleaning up the little one but I'm just's an easier spit to deal with than the corn.

The pic below is pre-runny milk spit up Reese ripping Daddy's nose off.


Tara said...

yes, i remeber stopping the swaddle about 12 weeks and then put him in those sleep sacks. Also, do you guys have a video monitor? If not, GET ONE!!! They are worth there weight in gold. a little expensice (I got the flat screen one $200 from Target) and swear i will use it until he is 20. Best baby item I've bought by far.

gramolls said...

Well back in the day when my little ones began to sleep "swaddle-free" they looked exactly like this picture of Reece....with the arms bent up above their head...I was told by several wise elders that this was a sign of a very happy & healthy baby...Great Job!!!!