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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Summary

Three day weekends go by waaaay too fast.

Last night we opted out of the local firework display because Reese was just done....she was so tired that she looked just pitiful. Her eyes were red and she kept rubbing them so we decided to put her down and hang tight to watch the race (yeah...we're partial rednecks, but what a great finish to the race!)

I ran to town to get some diet food while Kim put Reese down....Yep, we had some Cold Stone ice cream last night. Here's the deal, we would have never done this but Lance and Celeste gave me a gift card for Father's Day and we just had to use it...right? I offset that by riding another 12 miles Saturday morning but I have a feeling that a Founder's Favorite sort of puts a big fat dent in my calorie burn for the day.

I drove through town to see a few minutes of the fireworks and Woodstock.... was PACKED!! We've never been to the Target display (sounds like our Target does the fireworks but I think it has more to do with the perfect place for tons of people to see it and the area behind our Target must be a safe place to do it.) so I was floored at the people attending last night. I'm sort of a closet firework nut but I'm sure we'll see many, many more of these with Reese in the coming years. I think the Towne Lake area is full of pyromaniacs because fireworks shot around our neighborhood until midnight and they're back at it again tonight.

Today, we stayed at the house and slept in with Reese. She woke up to eat at 6:30a and we put her down with us for a little bit (we only do this in the morning...more as a treat to us to just lay and watch the little one) and she was out like a light. We all slept until around 9 am and then started the day. We tried a new waffle recipe and enjoyed breakfast much more this morning....we're officially becoming waffle snobs.

My mom/dad came down and so did Ryan/Jenni and we just sort of hung out this afternoon. The only thing we did special was take some July 5th photos of Reese in her patriotic outfit and then went for a walk after everyone left the homestead. It was a pretty good weekend to celebrate with my two girls.......our little family rocks.

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