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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Project 365....

We're stealing an idea.

No biggie right?

Occasionally we check one particular blog and they did a project of pics for every single day over the course of one year. Mostly one pic....but sometimes more if the situation merited. Well, we want to do that as well. I mean we almost post daily anyway but I want to have a full photo journal of Reese while she is growing so fast.

Pretty soon we'll give you a link to a new blog site (that is soooo under construction currently) and you can check out the year long photo journal (very brief if any only.) I need to think of a catchy name, heading, and layout but its all coming very soon. I really want to be creative with the name....Hall Year Long? Hall day, every day?

sorry....those are corny.

Anyway....stay tuned. (probably a week or so to get things rolling.)

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