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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Will it be the same way?

So without making a big deal of it, Baxter has been outside for a while now. I know, I know...he came in, he was doing soooo good, he was family. Then Reese came and he began acting out. He completely covered every square inch of the garage concrete with his aromatic pee, he pooped on every rug that we had down there to sort of wipe our feet....why he pooped on the rugs is a mystery - I guess even Bax couldn't stand to poop on the concrete as well...that would be too much. So he's patrolling the backyard acreage again and while I do feel bad about it, I've sort of lost sight of time with him because everything is about Reese...and justifiably so.

This evening while grabbing the trash can I noticed that Bax had something in his grubby paws. Back in the day, I would have swooped over there to see what varmint he had run down or to promptly remove said object and inspect his mouth for disgusting debris from his find. Tonight....I just paused looked as best I could from across the yard to see what it was....not being able to distinguish what our hound was gnawing on I kept rolling and thought to myself, "Poor bird/squirrel/mole. Eat up Bax."

Horrible right? But he's a dog....they do that stuff. They eat things besides processed junk in a bag called Snausages. Then as I strolled into the front yard I thought about Reese. NOT THAT REESE WILL BE EATING CRITTERS....but I wondered if Kim and I will get to a point with Reese that she's into something of some question but so long as no sharp objects are involved and everything is the size of a fist or greater (so as not to get choked) will we get there with her too?

I dread those days. When curiosity gets the best of her and she sticks her hand in something that wasn't meant for little girl hands. In the meantime...the two sat at odds with one another this evening and we made sure that Bax didn't lick her.....erp.

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