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Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Birthday sweetie!

Today is Kim's 34th birthday and interestingly enough...its a time to reflect that our "goal" of having a little one by the time she was 33 wasn't quite accomplished but I guess when you consider everything that has to happen, I don't think we did all that bad.

I love you sweetie. More than you know. I'm a tough one to live with but you do an awesome job putting up with me and my little quirks. All the stinky, filthy, manly things....and all the somewhat less than manly love me the same. Thank you and Happy Birthday.


jill said...

happy birthday kim!!!

doubletrouble said...

Happy birthday Kim! Sorry, that we missed you all last weekend...we already had plans. Hope to see you all and meet little Reese soon! Hope you had a great one!