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Friday, July 10, 2009

Behind on the blogging...

We've been a little behind on the blogging this week due to a number of reasons....lazy, tired, sleepy, and just plain too busy....among others.

Tonight is just a pic-fest from a few weeks ago but the updates go like this....I've been really tied up trying to complete our vacation book from It's a huge book and it has taken alot of my time over the past two weeks so finishing that should free up some bloggy time. I've been coming home later than I should and that puts the whole schedule off a shade and Reese has been staying awake longer in the evenings so she obviously requires every bit of our attention. Reese, Kim, house, yard, exercise, book, work....all of that equals less time for blogging. I can cut one out this next week so that should just make everything better right?.......yeah.....sure.

Enjoy smiling Reesie pics. I think she's trying to say "Go Dawgs?!"

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