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Saturday, July 25, 2009

What diet?

Good Lord....Kim and I have sinned. We have stuffed our jowls with tasty morsels from Stoney River on Friday night for Kim's birthday and then tonight....Low. Country. Boil.

I've been craving a little Frogmore stew (LCB) for a while now so I printed a couple recipes that I found online and sort of combined the general ideas and made my own version and dammit man.....was it good. We had Lance and Celeste down tonight to taste my trial version and it was a hit. I'm so full tonight and last night was equally bad in terms of being stuffed. Stoney River is a little pricey but the steak is off the charts. If I can't cook it...I would just as soon have their version.

So....I probably need to ride the bike Sunday. I don't see 33 miles like last week but I need to ride some distance so that I can rid my self of some lard-ation.

On another note...I just got back from a work trip over to South Carolina and I usually get close to Charleston but I never really go into town. So I decided that I would trek into downtown Charleston after one of my builder visits and then check out Folly Beach to see what it was like. The beach seems pretty cool...and Charleston seems like a nicer version of Savannah but its probably a one day trip at best for the downtown scene. We'll probably head over there for a long weekend sometime just to say we've done it but I'd rather stay at Folly Beach if I'm choosing.

When I got to Folly Beach I just sort of sat back and smelled the salt air for a while. I drove down to the end of the island and walked a short little walk for the lighthouse view. It was pushing chow time so I made a quick spin down there but it was just nice to be near salt water for a while since vacation is looking like tile work in the bathroom. I left Folly Beach and drove about 30 minutes back out to Summerville, SC where I normally stay. I went to grab dinner and work on call reports and realized way too late to do anything about it that I had made a reservation at a hotel in North Charleston by accident...I just looked at the hotel pic that they show you on the Holiday Inn then I had to drive ALL the way back into town. It was nearly 9:30p before I got to the room which is NOT how I planned it. Just like everyone else that does what I do, you have a days worth of emails to look through and a couple call reports to proofread so it as a late one but worth the trip to the shoreline. We love the beach so I'd do that again...just skip downtown and spend a bit with my rear in the sand. ANNNNND to finish off this post, I dropped in a pic of Reese chilling today in her swing at naptime.

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