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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's ready....sorta

A Year in the Life of ( is now an existing page that can eventually hold photos for every single day between now and one year from now....or more if we choose.

I've been slow about releasing it because I would have liked to had some pics out there but time gets away from you when you have a three month old. Speaking of the munchkin...she's been a dream lately. She went to Monkey Joe's with Krissy and her kids today and by all accounts just loved watching all of the kids. I'm sure she was smiling away and standing all over Krissy.

Anyway, its late and I wanted to at least intro the new blog site but I'll be offline Thursday so the soonest I can take pics would be late Friday or Saturday. Either way, look for the site to start soon. We only have one measely follower on that site and it's us so mark us and follow the updates if you like.....or just link over from this site. It's all good.

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