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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Summary...

I'm sitting here with Kimmy stuffing my face with Mayfield's CreamiER Churn Vanilla ice cream topped with a GO-zillion M&M's because I earned it. Operation "Shed Tonnage" kicked into high gear Saturday with Big boy going for a 33 mile bike ride.

Read that again.....yeah....that's not a typo. I didn't pull a measly 3.3 did 33 miles. My arse hurts now because of it and I don't feel bad eating my imitation Dairy Queen Blizzard because I earned it with nearly three hours of peddling yesterday. (I'm never doing that again) On to the weekend....

After the surprise party for Nan, we started off Saturday with Kim heading off to get a toe fungus at the local pedicure place (not really but her toe is killing her....YOU WAN YOR NAYL ROUND OR SQWUARE?? or infected?) and I prepped for riding and played with Reese. Kimmy got back and I started the Tour de North Cherokee/South Bartow County and then we went over to Scott and Michelle's for a cookout. Their little Addison is growing so much and is such a spitfire now. She talks soooo much and her little personality is just showing in everything she does. After the cookout, we came home and acted like old folks....we went to bed at 10pm on a Saturday night. Whew....we wuz ty-red. And my rear ached. (I'm not doing that again anytime soon if you didn't already know)

This morning, I hid from Kim while lying in plain sight (I made a little cot out of pillows and laid down beside the bed on my side....Kimmy didn't look there but looked everywhere else) My wife wouldn't notice a tractor trailer in the yard...Later I mowed, Kim cleaned up, Mom and Dad came down and we played with Reese-a-kins.

Baby sitting up....and baby falling over.

Playing with Mommy

Sleeping ON Mommy.

Fun stories include Reese peeing ALL over me Saturday morning while I fed her. She burped and was soooo happy about it. So happy in fact that she pee'd all over the place. I have no idea what the diaper was doing other than acting like a funnel but it was full. Another not so fun thing is that she's been burping alot of stuff up when we actually burp her. It's not projectile but it will come out her nose and really seems to bother her....I wonder if this is a problem or if this is normal? Any thoughts?

Back to fun things, she has found her feet....and her tongue. Not in the same places though. She sticks her tongue out all the time now and she'll grab her feet while she lays back. She's changing so much and is such a joy to be around. Every weekend is such a good time with her so of course we're bummed about Monday but this is a good week with birthdays so maybe it will go by fast!!

Giraffe Pjs....cute huh?

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Tara said...

love this post. You are so funny. Reese is so darn cute. Glad you guys had a fun weekend.