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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Why is her hair wet?

It finally happened to Kim....

Every time something goofy happens during a diaper change, it happens to me. Never Kim....until this morning. Saturday morning started slow and easy. Reese ate while she was essentially asleep for the early morning feeding....she never woke up completely during the diaper change, the feeding, and the burping. I'm telling you, the girl sleeps good.

She napped in our bed until around 8:45-9:00 and then I needed to get motivated so I could meet Mom and Dad mid-morning. While all of this preparation for me to ride my bike to the office in order to attend said meeting with the folks, Kim was feeding and burping the 9 o'clock chow fest. At the end of the feeding Reese commenced to eating her hand which is the norm here lately and quietly began to drop a deuce. (Number 2, poo poo, caca)

A quiet poop is a rarity. Not that Reese tears the curtains off the walls but she makes a notable "growl" thus the term making a "growler" has stuck as well. (we have tons of them folks....) With Reese in stealth growler mode, Kim laid Reese on the couch to change what she thought was a wet diaper and then to her surprise....BROWN. Remember, we're on the couch. So, Kim did the obligatory growler timeout.

See, Reese is alot like a dog when she poops. Its almost like if you're watching her or waiting on her....she stalls a little. But, if you tie things back up loosely and sort of wait a bit, go back to the wreckage and VOILA....she's done. So Kim did that and went back. Well....Reesie needed to pee a little and with diaper open, Reese turned into a miniature bubbling brook. Kim then moves Reese from the couch and takes her into our Dining room/baby everything room and put her on the changing station for the pack'n'play. Kim walks off for a moment and then comes back ready to try this again. Open the diapy and the spring fed waters of Reesie-pie were still flowing (2nd diaper ruined) we decide at that point we should probably rinse her off a little since she's probably got a little pee pee on her and so Kim brings her to the sink where I have the spray nozzle ready for a wash down. Kim "stands" her in the sink and then I notice it......

"Why is her hair wet?", I ask.

Kim collapsed in laughter/fear and we quickly determined that the little squirt had to pee pretty badly and if you don't catch it with an open will run all over the place.

Needless to say she got a bath this morning and I am semi vindicated because to this point, I have been the only one to burn three diapers in the span of 10 minutes.

Reese in her little Polo outfit....hoity toity huh?

And in this pic...she's eating the rug.

In other happenings, we had a small cookout with Kim's parents today, we had cake for Nicole's 22nd birthday, and after dinner Kim's dad had to take Nan to the hospital for what appears to be Kidney stones. ugh. The latest update seems to indicate that stones are indeed the culprit for the pain and nausea that came on pretty suddenly so keep a prayer for Kim's mom.


jill said...

yikes! sounds like something that used to happen at our house! ha!

Tara said...

man, how we have all been there with those diaper dramas. Yesterday i was letting Ramsey play in the shower naked while I dressed and I found him totally dropping duces in there. Gross.