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Monday, July 13, 2009

Bachelorette jerk woman....

So that Bachelorette tramp is in Maui and her and this dude named Kip or some junk ate dinner at the Sheraton Maui with the view above....yeah...we're not there and we want to be again.

Then, they stayed in some Fantasy room in building 6 which had the most kick ass views on the grounds. That's the building on the right.

So because I'm a married man and have no control over the remote control during reality TV, I have to sit idle and watch this mess. She went on a date with Matthew Perry from Friends and he was wishy washy and then she's going on another date with the Barenaked Ladies guitarist that has some serious short shorts on. Dude....what's up with that? Your junk is showing man.....have some couth!

I hate this show....that Jillian scum woman off in Hawaii. Maybe that was too about just tramp woman...that's better.

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