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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

One year ago today....

Last July Kim and I decided to go on a trip that we had never done together...we were going to Vegas. Mind you, neither one of us gamble and we're pretty tame when compared to Vegas standards but I had been for some business travels and thought it would be a cool trip for the both of us.

We got to Vegas and as soon as we got off the plane at nearly 9pm Friday hit us....THE HEAT. Dry heat my arse. Let me explain what a dry heat is...turn on your oven, let it preheat to some specified temperature and then stick your head in there...that's a dry heat. Not a lick of moisture in that oven but its still freaking hot! We stood outside waiting for a cab in a never ending line of folks waiting for cabs. Besides the heat, our lungs were burning with carbon monoxide and fumes. No breeze, no nothing...we were roasting.

We finally got to the MGM Grand (tried to stay at Mandalay Bay but it was full!) and practically bathed in conditioned air. Without explaining away every day (our pics are being recovered even as we speak from a crashed hard drive) around the half way mark of the vacation week our "friend" was supposed to arrive. Seems like our "friend" shows up on every vacation but after every restroom stop I would ask Kim....anything? To which she would reply, nope.

Without sharing more than I do already, this wasn't like Kim. Her clock is pretty regular and being a day or so late was odd. We had been trying to get pregnant but not REALLY trying trying for a while. We had finally gotten "serious" (I have no real idea what serious means but anyway) in recent attempts but it was becoming par for the course that we weren't making contact so to speak.

After about the longest walk of the Vegas strip that anyone could pull - we walked through just about every major casino on the strip besides the Flamingo - Kim came waddling out of New York, New York and nothing....we were both waddling because we were chaffed....I sort of jabbed that we should get a pregnancy test. "What?" Kim replied...."Well, let's just find out. You know, sort of get this debate over so we can just know.", I told her.

So in the most sleazy of things that we've ever done....we bought a pee test on the Vegas strip at a CVS that was lit up like a Christmas tree. This pharmacist probably thought to herself..."Hey doesn't happen THAT quick!" So we brought the test to the room and decided that instructions were to do things early the next morning. Kim slept like a rock...until 5 a.m.

She woke up with the morning urge to 5 a.m......I some how envisioned it being a little more glamorous than with bed head and bad breath but Kim peed on the test, we waited the specified time and we walked in the marble clad bathroom. When we opened our eyes we saw two red stripes.....we're pregnant!

We cried, we laughed, we sort of freaked out, we hugged, we kissed, and kind of danced around a little bit and then we realized that our lives had been forever changed that morning. Fast forward one year later and Reese is the love of our lives. We had no idea how blessed we would be and what that morning and that memory would mean to us.

Yeah, it seems counter to the norm to go to Vegas and find out you're pregnant versus getting pregnant there but suffice it to say, sometimes what happens in Vegas is pretty cool.....but we left the pee stick there so that stayed in Vegas. :)

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