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Friday, July 3, 2009

Vacation Friday....ahhhh

THIS three day weekend couldn't have gotten here at a better time. Being home with Kim and Reese was awesome today and we covered alot of ground.....starting with me going for a 14 mile bike ride. I've got to do something about the weight. No more ya-ya-ing. I love my bike, it feels so much better than running does, and I sweat it out rather than having to walk 3 miles to feel like I've done something. Speaking of which...Kim is out walking right now trying to do the same thing. We're both through talking and we've got to start doing.

We also went down to the Varsity to meet with Kim's first boss from the company she works for currently. Kim really, really loved working for Julie and she didn't want to pass up the opportunity to see her since they had a layover in Atlanta. So....I ride 14 miles in the morning...and I ate two chili steaks and part (a large part) of a chili dog. Oh...and fries. But I didn't eat breakfast so that made it ok, right?

A couple of Kim's co-workers were there and it was a good little gathering. We don't tend to do a ton with her coworkers simply because we're so far removed from them....Woodstock and Gainesville are a trek from one another so yeah, we don't see alot of them outside of work hours.....for Kim, every hour is a work hour. (she's doing better....I'm very proud of her for the first two weeks.)

So the plan for the 4th is pretty open. We may cookout with neighbors....we may go see the big firework display in town....we may sun by the pool. Yeah, we got a pool. Check it out.

So this is a shade bigger than necessary but hey, Mommy and Daddy might get in too. Reese liked it for the few minutes that we had it out. We'll let the sun warm up the water Saturday and let Reese take a dip while we tan our pastey bodies.

Other items of note include the purchase of a completely necessary home appliance that we've done without for years - a waffle maker. Helllllll yeah. Waffles in the a.m. at the Hall house. Why I got crazy and bought a little Root Beer too. Tell him to calm down!!!! Stop it!! All this craziness.....calm down seriously.

Finally, we're asking for a little help for picking a convertible car seat for Reese. Everything but EVERYTHING says the Britax Marathon is like the cat's pajamas. But it costs $280. Not that I'm cheaping out on my baby but is it worth it? If it is, we'll buy the thing but are there equally good seats out there that we're not thinking about? Not everything that costs an arm and a leg is the best but it "appears" that in this case, the Britax may be the best. Give us a shout and let us know what you think.


jill said...

major jealous of the waffle maker! and SUPER impressed with the bike riding!

Julie said...

It was GREAT to see ya'll again!!!! Take care of that little peanut, she is growing up soo fast! Oh and...hell ya on the waffle maker!!!! In fact...I think I hear mine calling now!! Julie

Elizabeth said...

I've got to come see Miss Reese soon! Maybe next weekend if that time is okay with ya'll!? Great job on the bike riding...Hopefully you burned more calories than you ate at The Varsity! :) Give Reesie pie a hug and a kiss for me!

Michelle H said...

Waffles in the morning. Yummy!!!!